Roof Installation Services in Marietta, GA


A new roof installation is a huge undertaking. Between building permits and choosing materials, working with a local Marietta, Georgia company with years of practical experience will make every step in the residential roofing process easier. Legacy Roofing Group has been working in the roofing business for years, employing honest, hard-working people and veterans who are committed to keeping the roofs of Marietta, Georgia safe and sound.

Marietta, Georgia Roof Installation

From the very first moment you contact us, you know you are going to have a great customer experience with Legacy Roofing Group. With a free inspection which comes with a complete itemized quote, we want you to be sure you are confident in investing your time and money with us. We’ll handle your roof installation and other residential roofing needs with style and grace. We have been working in the Marietta, Georgia residential roofing business for some time, and want you to leave the hard work to us.

Quality Roofing Work in Marietta, Georgia

The Marietta, Georgia team here at Legacy Roofing Group believes in residential roofing done right from beginning to end. We’ll make sure the paperwork and permits are ready for the roof installation; we’ll be prompt in responding to you, and strive to stay within budget and within the timeframe we quoted you. We clean up after ourselves, and have one of our technicians come by for one final inspection to ensure we didn’t miss anything.

A Marietta, Georgia Roofing Company You Can Trust

When you have roof installation done by a local Marietta, Georgia company that is not only trained and licensed to do the work, but also believes in hard work without the shortcuts, you are going to end up with a roof that will keep you and your home safe and dry for years to come. Your neighbors will want to know who you called for your great-looking roof, and you’ll be happy to tell them.

Get Roofing Service in Marietta, Georgia Today!

Legacy Roofing Group is prepared to rescue you from any roofing damages. Whether your shingles have worn out over the years, or been damaged by severe weather, we can help! It is our passion to serve the Marietta, Georgia community; we even founded Building Your Legacy, a charity that supports boys without father figures. Call us today to discuss your roofing needs, receive help with insurance claims, or get a free quote.