Asphalt Roofing Services in Marietta, GA


When choosing new shingles for your Marietta, Georgia roof, one of the most economical types is the asphalt shingle. North America has been using asphalt roof shingles for well over a century and for a good reason. When you want your roofing project to be cost-effective, these have relatively low initial costs, simple installation, and are still able to last with proper maintenance and care. At Legacy Roofing Group, we are happy to lend our experience to make sure your roof shingles are installed right so it will last the optimal amount of time on your Marietta, Georgia home.

An Economical Option for Marietta, Georgia Homes

Over the years, asphalt roof shingles have been improved to give homeowners the peace of mind that their roofing can better withstand unforeseen circumstances like wind, hail, fire damage, or discoloration. Marietta, Georgia residents with modest budgets can still have a great quality roof if they choose this route. Many brands offer warranties to back up their product, so if your asphalt shingles aren’t holding up to normal wear and tear, we can help you.

Two white wood dormers on a grey shingle roof under blue sky

Caring for Your Marietta, Georgia Roof Shingles

You can get the most out of an asphalt shingle roof through regular maintenance and making sure the integrity of the shingle endures for optimal longevity. Debris removal and a professional chemical removal of organic matter – like algae and lichen – can keep the asphalt roof shingles on your Marietta, Georgia roof intact for years to come. You can also have zinc or copper strips installed along the ridge of the roof to further hinder algae and moss growth. Proper ventilation in your attic can also slow down algae growth and keep your roof looking nice.

Uses for Old Roof Shingles in Marietta, Georgia

When your old asphalt shingles need to be removed, Legacy Roofing Group has the equipment and resources to remove and dispose of unwanted materials properly. Old asphalt roof shingles don’t have to end up in a landfill after they leave your Marietta, Georgia property. They can have a second life as hot asphalt mix, cold asphalt patching, and to fuel cement kiln fires. At Legacy Roofing Group, we care about the environment.


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Legacy Roofing Group is prepared to rescue you from any roofing damages. Whether your shingles have worn out over the years, or been damaged by severe weather, we can help! It is our passion to serve the Marietta, Georgia community; we even founded Building Your Legacy, a charity that supports boys without father figures. Call us today to discuss your roofing needs, receive help with insurance claims, or get a free quote.